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It is not important whether you manage a few machines or a whole fleet. You will always need a quick access to spare parts and suitable tools. You can’t wait. Powers Partner provides a perfect system of current repairs and preventive maintenance of your construction machines.


Quick and efficient actions of our technical staff ensure effectiveness of your company. Depending on your needs, we provide such services both in specialized workshops and on site.

Complete engine overhauls

The Powers Partner professional teams have the required qualifications and many years of experience in complete overhauls of the Caterpillar engines. We make complete, general overhauls of the engines. The pricing is preceded by a detailed verification of all engine subassemblies and the injection pump. We utilize top-quality spare parts used by the manufacturers.

Fuel system overhauls

State-of-the-art fuel systems used in construction machines require from their users the utmost care in operation. Particularly important is paying attention to quality of servicing and to regular maintenance. Modern heavy construction machines are very demanding in terms of servicing. Electronic diagnostic tools are now an absolute minimum requirement to start the repair works. Powers Partner provides highly effective services in the area of fuel system overhauls. We will be happy to carry out a comprehensive servicing, diagnostics, maintenance, modernization and repair of fuel systems in your machines. In each case, the customer is shown the scope of modernization and repair works. The parts to be modernized are always selected taking into account the costs, quality and customer’s preferences. We always can submit a current technical documentation which confirms our activities.